Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1, 2, 3, 4

My amazing brother compiled another year-in-review slideshow for us. This is the best one yet.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Lotsa Pictures

Facebook is my new favorite place to post photos. It's so much faster than Blogger! Here are our latest albums, for those interested:

Ordination Sunday
First Photos from the New Camera
December Fun
January Adventures

More Cuter Than ...

Jair: (singing sweetly to the tune of More Precious than Silver) Jonah, you are more better than other babies. Jonah, you are more cuter than ... J.D.

Ali: (looking at a painting of a banana split in Dairy Queen) What is that?
Me: A banana split
Ali: Do all banana splits have three eyes and a yellow tongue?
Me: No, those are ice cream swirls and caramel sauce.

Jair: Ice Christ - that's what you call your ice cream if you love Jesus.

J.D.: (to his great-grandpa, who has a somewhat soft, high voice) Papaw, are you a grandpa or a grandma?
Papaw: A grandpa.
J.D.: Oh, cuz you talk like a grandma.

Me: (reading about canker sores to Ali, who was suffering from one): Although the sores are not contagious, they can run in families. That means if your parents or siblings get canker sores, the genes you share with them make it more likely that you'll develop the sores, too.
Ali: But I never share my jeans with ANYONE!

Ali: Mommy, can I sleep with my new cheerleader skirt?
Me: Yes, I guess so.
Ali: I don't mean I want to wear it. I want to hold it. I just love it so much.

Jair: Mommy, I already know who I'm going to marry ... Mandy.
Me: Jair, that's a very good choice. Mandy is very nice and very pretty, and she really loves Jesus, but she is a lot older than you. She might get married before you grow up.
Jair: Yeah, she might.
Later ...
Jair: Mommy, I don't think Mandy will get married till she's really old ... like 27.

Me: What should we buy Daddy for Christmas?
J.D.: A bulldozer wif MUD!!!
Ali: How about some penguin undies?
Jair: Remember that time we saw a motorcycle at the store? It was big enough for Daddy. We could get that for him - if we have enough money.

Look Who's Walking

Jonah took his first steps the week after Thanksgiving, and by Christmas he was a walking pro. It's hard to believe we hadn't even met him this time last year. Now he is an energetic little man, with opinions and a personality of his own.